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Presidential Debate

Watching the debate right now...We learned a bit about the history of debate in Morality & Faith and it's quite shocking what has changed since the League of Women Voters pulled out in 1988...Read the book No Debate for more info...

George W. Bush is talking himself into a hole. Poor speech-giving techniques & posture...Interesting facial expressions...Going off-topic though...

Kerry is strongly speaking of the issues but he's a bit repetitive. He's a good debater though.

Just those quick few notes before I go to dinner. By the way--have you ever noticed how much water these candidates drink? Hmm...and no "intermission"...This debate seems to mainly focus on the war. Ah, being called away now. Adios for now

Much Love - traci

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Still Here

Yes, I'm still here, I've just been incredibly overwhelmed with the fact that I HATE CHEM CLASS...

Maybe I should write something worthwhile in here...Oh I know--Anyone see "Lost"? Great new show on ABC Wednesday nights. It's on at 8pm. Yesterday was the premiere and I think the show is pretty good so far! Dominic Monaghan (yay for Dom!) has such a great character in it...But I definitely recommend watching it. Hopefully the show won't be all...weird later on. You know, it always seems like once you find a good show they screw it up somehow. *cough*SMALLVILLE*cough*

Crap, gotta study for a Chem test. Chem will be the death of me. Love ya

Much Love - traci

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Going Crazy

So I think I survived most of yesterday...Not to be TOO dramatic. No but really, today was considerably better for many reasons...yet there always seem to be those minor annoyances...

I was talking to Janelle this morning. We're both going crazy over our Shakespeare scene for this year's festival. We're looking at a scene right now that is a definite possiblity but we're freaking out about casting. We don't want to get people upset at us for not casting them, but we can't cast because of biased personal opinions! If some of our really good friends don't fit into oujr scene exactly, then we can't just stick them in their randomly. We'd appreciate their help though. We just don't want to upset anyone...It's confusing  and yes very 5th grade-ish, but I can't help it.

Shakespeare Society today was fun. "Oh no! Death by sheep!" Yeah...just one of the random bits from today's meeting...Visit the Society website everyone!:
I know, I sound like a Shakespeare freak. Oh well. Deal with it.

And to quote Emma Lahana - "And last but not least why do my updates never involve interesting fact/imformation? Instead it's just a page of ramble...???"

Man, I hope there are NO MORE hurricanes for Florida anymore! People have been speculating whether Florida has become "too dangerous to live in"...I don't know about that, but I hope everyone's evacuated and are safe!

I'm thinking about changing my blog layout...Maybe something along the lines of a "Purple Haze" theme...Ya know, the song by Jimi Hendrix?...Anyways...

And now to end the entry for today with a line from a Rolling Stones song: "You can't always get what you want...But if you try sometimes / You just might find / You'll get what you need..."

Much Love - traci

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O! The Horrors of Today...

'Ello...(No strength to add the H...sorry...)

I want this day to be over. Now. And considering it will be over an several hours, I should be ecstatic. But I'm just blaaaaaaahhhh............

Today started out bad enough when I spilled my coffee on my white polo shirt. Not too noticeable throughout the day though. Then in the locker room people were congregating right in the middle of the hall and wouldn't move!!! Frustrating...My right foot was killing me for some reason. Not sure I limped around to classes. Good news, I currently have an A in Chemistry. Thank the Lord...but Janelle and I got an 86 on our lab report. OK, Ms. Kuhlman didn't say we had to do sources of error!!! And she took off 10 points for that!!! I think Janelle might've been mad at me about that for a bit because she didn't talk to me after class or in the locker room. At all. So I was pretty much in a horrible mood. In Morality and Faith, I got this huge headache and I felt like throwing up, but I decided to think "positively" and Katie was really nice while I was ranting. Then Choir and afterwards I got to talk to Kendra about Everwood...And then Janelle talked to me in the locker room but by then I was still generally pissed off so I wasn't really "all there"...I think she could tell something was up with me (she knows me way too well) so she talked to Na...But we managed to sort things out and by the end of the day I wasn't feeling too annoyed, but now I'm back to, "dotdotdot"...I am pretty psyched about one thing though...

"A series of thank you's to a couple of people who created fansites for me which I think is the sweetest thing in the world. The fact that you actually took time to make those sites is quite astounding to me. So thank you Traci who created the one called Idol..." OMG GUESS WHO SAID THAT??? Yup, it was EMMA LAHANA!!!!!!!!!!!!! She posted it on her official website's forums. I was sooooooooooooo psyched because well she just mentioned me and my site...And it's great! Yay! Seriously, I idolize her. And that's rare for me to idolize people...

Uhm, I'm getting yelled at to get off the computer. I guess I'll go now. Oh, Amazing Race is on! If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. So bye for now and I hope no one's day ends up as horrible as mine...(PS my foot still hurts...)

Much Love - traci

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Masked Emotions

Hola, bonjour, aloha...You know the drill...

After contemplating on when my next post should be, I decided--Hey sure..why not now? Today is 9-11. Three years ago, the two World Trade Center towers fell after extreme terrorist attacks. RIP the thousands who died in the attacks.

It's finally Saturday...School seems to be slowing down. Maybe it's because is IS...I mean, take Geometry class for instance: We are going NOWHERE...Half the people in my class can't understand concepts they should've learned LAST YEAR...It's frustrating. Of course, that means no new homework in class so I guess there's an upside. And can it be? I actually have an A in Chem right now? My first two assignments I got a 103& and a 94%...Hopefully the lab Janelle and I turned in is okay!

I'm getting really stressed out. Not because of school but because of this whole Shakespeare Festival. Yes, the Festival isn't for another 5 or 6 months, but I'm freaking out and obsessing already. Last year, the scene I directed ROCKED and I feel so much pressure this year. So does Janelle, seeing as how she was the star last year. I don't want this year to be crap. Unfortunately, not everyone from last year's scene can be in this year's scene...And that's what mainly is frustrating Janelle and me. We don't want to hurt our friends' feelings, but we can't make exceptions by creating roles for them to play. We told them at lunch just basically what it is and I think they mostly understood. Thank God for Katie who jumped in and suggested the possibility of having two scenes and helping each other out. I'm not planning on directing/acting both scenes--no way--but if the others want to do a scene, I'll help them if they don't understand what a line means. I'm just not gonna run it for them. I don't want things to come to this, but I don't want to have to deal with more problems when the time for casting and rehearsal comes.

Janelle didn't make callbacks for the school play. Manda and I feel so bad for her! She's seriously talented when it comes to acting, and I can't believe she didn't get callbacked. I know she really wanted to make it too...But it's kind of obvious the director plays favorites. Speaking of Manda...She got a concussion after school on Thursday. She didn't know it then though because when I helped her up and asked her she said she was fine... I went into freak-out mode when her mom called me from the ER on Thursday night. But she's okay, yay! We heart you Manda! (Na's like, "No wonder her nickname is 'Crash'"...)

Ms. Erlandson pointed out in Morality & Faith class that "we all have special talents" and that we all know it. It was funny when she pointed out that we all know Katie is an artist because Katie wasn't paying attention in class because she was drawing. We started laughing and Ms. E didn't know why...She also pointed out the Rachel and I were poets. (During "Sharing Day" we both shared poetry we wrote.) I don't think I'm that great...Rachel's way better. I LOVE her "Wolf Song" poem. Katie and Rachel think my poetry is too depressing LOL...Well at least the ones I read during class. And then we took that "How Interdependent Are You?" test and they both scored high and I did bad. I apparently need to "trust myself more"...I don't need a test to tell me that, I KNOW that...

Oops I should be doing my West Civ homework...I'm doing a timeline of the History of Rock and Roll...Ciao my precioussss!...

Much Love - traci

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